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considering to join our member, contact us and  ask questions such as the following:

  1. Who owns or sponsors the adult day care center? How long has it been operating? Is it licensed or certified? (If required in your country or state)

  2. What are the days and hours of operation?

  3. Which conditions are accepted (e.g., memory loss, limited mobility, incontinence)?

  4. What is the ratio of staff to participants? How are care providers screened? What is the training and level of experience of the care providers? How, and by whom, are the care providers supervised?

  5. What procedures does the program have for emergencies?

  6. What activities are offered? Are there a variety of individual and group programs?

  7. Is transportation to and from the adult day care center provided?

  8. Are meals and snacks included? Are special diets accommodated?

  9. What is the cost of services? How is payment arranged?

8960 Springbrook Dr. Suite 109, Coon Rapids MN 55433


Thanks for submitting!


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

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